Tuesday, August 10, 2010

18 Months Today

Mom and I took Haley for her 18 month pictures today. What is Haley doing at 18 months? Well, pretty much whatever she wants to do. haha.. She is sort of stubborn! But, she is pretty much a Mommas girl. This past Sunday I had to sit in Bible class with her because she kept crying when I left. Everyone assured me that this was only a phase.
Haley can:
-Say just about anything you ask her to say "Nana, Pop Pop, Jules, Tooter (aka Cooper), Jeffery, Maston, RiRi, Grama, Granpa, Ginger, House, Shirt, Chlo Chlo (Nonnie's Dog), Bible, Book, Baby, etc."
-She loves to eat chicken nuggets, green beans, grilled cheese sandwich, cereal, cake and chips. She loves to drink whatever Mommy and Daddy are drinking especially tea and diet coke.
- She loves to play with other kids
-She screams and laughs a lot
-Haley pretty much never stops. She is always on the go!
-She LOVES Barney! This girl could watch it all day if I would let her.
-Haley loves animals, cats, dogs, cows, horses, etc.
-She loves her babysitter Ginger. I took her on Monday to test it out since she is going through this mommy, phase, and she went right to Ginger. She actually cried and wouldn't leave when I came to get her! YAY! This makes me happy!!
Happy 18 Months Haley Clarke! You are such a Joy and a Blessing to us and we Love You so much!!