Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Wrap Up

Haley loves her babies! She has become a big fan of baby dolls! Last Sunday after church, she kept getting all of them out, so we decided to take a group photo.

Daddy loves all of his babies too! Haley has this face like "Oh, dad.. leave me alone..!!" It has already begun!

So we came home from our nice Martin Luther King holiday to find we had been toilet papered! Haha.. I was like "Oh my... how old are we?" We made Haley help us pick it up, since we know it was probably one of her little boy friends. Actually, it was probably one of my little students being funny! Or maybe someone just got the wrong house!

Mom and I went to Austin for the long weekend, while George went deer hunting and to play with his brother.

Poor Jules... she is already getting picked on!

Haley loves Cooper! She just follows him around and laughs at everything he does!

When we arrived in Austin, Haley and Jules were dressed the same. So funny, considering we didn't even call each other or plan it!

So today we went to Stride and Ride at Cowboys stadium. MDA puts it on every year to raise money for Neuromuscular Diseases! It was extremely cold getting there, but really cool to get to see the new stadium!

We raised $1001.00 for MDA! Thanks everyone!! Here is my support team! These guys were here a year ago to support me and here they are today again, waking up at 6am on a Satuday to support a great cause and me!

Haley is sporting her Team Price button! I think the button says it all, "I can do all things through him who gives me strength", Phillippians 4:13

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Uncle H

Yesterday we said goodbye to my Uncle Harold. Some memories I have of me and Uncle Harold are all the summers, swimming in his pool. He would always come outside and tell us to help ourselves in the house and to stay as long as we wanted. Harold always cared about me and what was going on in my life. When we would call he would say, "Well.. Rachel, What's Going on girl?" He loved to be outside and stay busy as long as he could until he had to lay down to rest. He was always checking on the car washes and driving around in his beat up truck with duck tape on it. He always came to family get togethers ready to eat. His plate would be full and he would even go back to seconds. He loved dessert, especially any that my mom made! He loved his family so much! When I was sick, I felt like Harold was probably one of the only people who truely understood the pain I was going through. He understood the isolation, and the inability to do what you wanted to physically do.
Most importantly though, is that he loved God and he loved church. He believed in the power of prayer, and the strength that only God can provide. He attended church and when he was sick and couldn't, that was the one thing he missed the most was fellowship and worship to God.
We sure will miss Uncle Harold here on earth, but there is no question where he is right now, and that he feels no pain, so much peace, and is probably telling a funny story and making everyone laugh! I can't wait to tell Haley all about him and show her this picture of them together.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

11 Month

Haley will be 11 months old tomorrow! I think I say this every month, but she just gets more fun all the time. She walks everywhere now, no more crawling for her! She talks all the time, but I'm really not sure what she is saying yet. The cutest thing that she is doing now is that she will go to the shelf, grab a book and bring it to me and want to sit in my lap. She is eating almost everything now, with the exception of the things she shouldn't have yet like dairy foods, popcorn, chocolate, caffeine, etc. Last night at dinner she ate 2 rolls, and that was mainly to keep her occupied so she would stay in her seat. I know, great parenting huh? She loves bread, tortillas, potatoes, noodles (especially hamburger helper), rice, and loves goldfish. She is going to be just like her mom and dad eating all those carbs. She likes fruits and vegetables as well:)

She is on a great schedule now. She naps from 9-10:30 and 1-3:00 and then goes to bed at 8 or so and sleeps till about 7:20. She still loves Bible Class and singing Bible songs. I have a cd in the car of children's Bible songs and when I turn it on she gets so calm and loves to hear the children sing.

We love the lady that keeps her everyday, Ginger. She is such a blessing to us and treats Haley so good everyday. I started praying for that when I found out I was pregnant, and she has truely been an answer to many prayers. Most days of the week, Haley plays with about 3 other kids each day and loves it. This week I walked in the door, she wanted down, and she walked right to the playroom to play with the kids. She never looked back at me, which makes me happy that she is so happy there!

I'm gearing up for Haley's parties (yes, parties) next month. We are going to have a Cleburne party, and then we are going to Houston for another party with George's family there. I can't wait! Looking back a year ago, I wasn't so sure about all that was going on, but now I know God had such a plan for us, and although it was rough and hard, I can truely be thankful for each day, and each moment with Haley.