Sunday, October 26, 2008

Homecoming Weekend and Haley's Bedding

Friday night we went to ACU for homecoming weekend. We made all the important Abilene stops like eating at Abuelos and Rick and Carolyns, driving by campus several times to see the new attractions, going to the parade and the game, and shopping at the campus store. Many will never understand why people have so much love for such a small college in Abilene, Texas, but if you go there, you know why you want your kids to someday be a wildcat. Its not about the classes or the education, but its about the relationships and the christian atmosphere. Though it may cost thousands of dollars to go to college here (thanks Mom, Dad, Bobbie, and Big George), every time we go back we realize that it was all worth it. Seeing old friends who shared so much with for four years of our lives, and seeing them start new little families of their own, just makes the tradition continue on. I just can't wait for Haley to get the same experience George and I did one day.

Here is one of my favorite memories and reasons I am glad I went to ACU-George. Here is a picture of us by the Gata fountain by the campus store.

See we are already getting prepared for our first little wildcat with some new attire.

Also, Haley's bedding and curtains arrived this week. Thanks goes out to Grandma and Grandfather (aka: Bobbie and Big George) for the bedding and curtains. We decided that going all pink was just too much, so we decided on green and black bedding and added some pink curtains and a pink sheet. We are excited with the outcome!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

23 Weeks and Cooper's Party

Saturday Mom, Dad and I traveled to Austin for Cooper's 3rd birthday party. George and I bought him a kids violin, which he has been asking for, for probably 2 months or so. He loves music and if he follows in his mom and aunt's footsteps he is bound to be in the band someday!

I am 23 weeks and 2 days today. I am getting bigger every week it seems. I just wore a pair of pants today that fit last week and they got on my nerves today. Here is a lovely picture for those of you interested in seeing the growth. I was telling my mom last night that by the time February gets here, I probably won't care how she comes out, I'll just be ready to get Haley out of me. Pregnancy is just not my favorite thing! I knew I'd be a wimp and not enjoy it so much!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend-22 Weeks

I think I'll start my blog today off on a fun note. We traveled to Denver City, TX to see our friends Jim and Laura and their new little girl Ella. We had a great time just eating, more eating, and laying around. Ella is so sweet. She is just the best little baby. She is 6 weeks old and sleeps 7 hours each night. I only heard her cry for like 10 seconds at a time and she only cried when she was hungry.

George got some practice. He is going to love little Haley and be the best dad. It was so fun to just hang out with Laura and talk about old college times. Laura and I were on the same hall our freshman year, both majored in Nutrition and had every class together, and were both Siggies. I'm so glad we went to see them. They only live 30 minutes from Hobbs, New Mexico, so we even went to a different state while we were there.

On a sad note.. my Great Aunt Haley passed away this morning. Our little Haley is going to be named after her. She was my grandmother's best friend and she definitely had the best name out of all of my grandmother's siblings (Loma, Elvis, Lemuel(sp?) ). She lived a long, Christian life and was ready to go, and although it is sad that she is gone, it's neat to see the way God created human life to have a beginning and an end and how we will have a new Haley here in February.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

21 Weeks-Doctors Visit

We have been anticipating this doctors appointment for over 4 weeks now and Thursday Oct. 2nd finally arrived. George and I had both been giving each other a hard time on our kitchen marker board about whether it would be Haley or Mark. We had to wait 45 minutes for Dr. Ford and we were both getting impatient. He spent 10 minutes doing the sonogram looking at every part of the body. He said its spine looked nice, brain was normal, we saw 4 chambers of the heart, it had a bladder, it did not have a clefted pallet, the umbilical cord was positioned right, the knees and legs looked good and that this was a tall baby already. So then he said "well we are going to wrap this up" I was like wait a second, I'm glad its healthy, but we want to know boy or girl. So at the very end of the visit he scrolled down to the legs. I initially did not see anything between them, and I looked at George. Dr. Ford said, it looks like a girl, but save your receipts. That was not what I wanted to hear. Then he kept looking and he typed girl on the screen and said, yep that it was definitely a girl. Never the less, I'm still saving the receipts,
but I'm pretty sure he was right.

So I'm glad she has a name and a gender now and we can call her Haley. She has been kicking me a lot more lately and is growing more everyday. By next week she will be 1 pound.

Yep.. its a girl!

Kind of creepy, but she is staring right at us smiling!

Side profile view...

So after the appointment we went shopping. I told George to get used to spending his money now that he is going to have 2 girls in the house! Here are the letters we made to put in her room.

Thanks Aunt Toni and Uncle Johnny for the stroller and car seat!! We went to Babies R Us after the visit and picked out a pretty neutral color. I'm trying to stay neutral with my big stuff so if the next one is a boy, we won't have all pink stuff!

And of course we had to buy some pink girlie outfits. I did buy a camo girls outfit for George so that he can know that girls can hang out with their dads and be tough just like little boys!

When we arrived home my mom had put pink and white bows everywhere around our house and we had 2 little girl outfits hanging on our door. My next mission is to find bedding. I think I want to go with camo and hot pink. I'm going to look around online, so if any of you see anything let me know. If not, we might venture out and make it! We shall see......

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Haley Clarke Price

Yep.. that's right, its a sweet little girl! I will post pictures and more info this weekend. Oh, and just a side note... Dr. Ford said she was already a tall little girl!! :) She is going to have her daddy's athletic ability and be a basketball star!