Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Canceled Home Phone-Almost Half Way

For anyone that reads this and ever calls us on our home phone line, the 817-645 number, we have canceled it and are just using our cell phones. We figured that we could use the extra $50 a month and the only people that called us on a daily basis on that line was either my parents or
1-800 numbers.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of me almost half way through this pregnancy. I will be 20 weeks on Saturday and can't believe that in a few as 16-20 weeks we will have as little person to take care of constantly... kind of scary when you think about it, so I'm just trying not to!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Dad Award!!

We received our bed and changing table in the mail on Thursday and by Saturday afternoon they were both put together and ready to go. George is going to be the best dad and you can definitely tell he is ready for Mark or Haley to be here!! We go to the doctor in 11 days to find out the sex!

I am 19 weeks and 1 day today. This week the baby's sensory development is exploding! The brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. I am feeling good despite the allergy, sinus stuff I have been having this past week. Here is the size of the baby.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby Mama

If you haven't seen this movie, you should. I watched it twice, well kind of, I fell asleep the second time through, but it is hilarious!

George's parents and family rode out the hurricane and staying in the Houston area. They are still without power, but thankfully they bought a generator last week so they are doing better than most people.

I'm 18 weeks and 1 day today. I cleaned my very dirty house today and had to sit after each room. My back is starting to hurt, and I'm just praying its not because the baby is so low in my pelvis, which is why Dr. Ford says he hasn't been able to hear the heartbeat with the Doppler yet and only on the sonograms. Hopefully its just growing and balance issues.

We should be getting our bed and changing table this week (THANKS MOM and DAD)!! I'll post pictures when it arrives!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blood Pressure Update

Well in case you were worried (Yeah right), I let the school nurse take my blood pressure today and it was 118/83-perfectly normal. Made me happy that it really was my stressful situation last week that made it high! Whew...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dr. Ford

I went to the Doctor on Thursday for my 16 week check up. I wanted to tell you some wonderful things about my Doctor, Dr. Ford before I finish the story of my visit. He is a very spiritual man with 5 children all under the age of 10, and he has a great wife that home schools their children. Here are just some reasons why I'm glad he is my doctor.

1. He gave my friend his wife's cell phone number to call and talk to her about some similar problems his wife had after having two babies close together. What other doctor do you know would do that?

2. While in the delivery room with one of my friends, the baby became stressed and had some complications and he STOPPED and said a prayer (his idea) with the couple before delivering the baby.

3. My friend was struggling with whether or not to have her tubes tied and Dr. Ford told them to go home and pray about it some more before they make their decision.

4. In his office he has Christian music playing and he has bible verses in each room that are very comforting during these times in women's lives.

These are just a few reasons I'm so glad he is my doctor. What better way to welcome a child into the world with a doctor who relies on God for strength and wisdom in his everyday life and practice.

Here is the latest sonogram picture.. It is not very good, but I figured I'd post what I have at this time.

So back to my Thursday visit. It was quite frustrating to say the least. First off I rushed in after school traffic to get to the bank to pick up George to make it to my visit. I was driving the Corvette cause my car is in the shop and it was very hot and sunny that afternoon while I waited. Then 5 minutes before my appointment, George called and said he wasn't going to make it off work in time to go with me and just to go on. I was already running late, so I walked quickly to the office in the hospital on the 5th floor. Then my blood pressure was 150/80, and I feel this was due to my stress and fast paced walking to make it on time. Did I mention that I had had a dream the night before that I kept trying to get to my appointment and just never could make it there?

Then, once again Dr. Ford could not find the heart beat on the Doppler which was stressful AGAIN... He said he was not concerned, and that the baby must just be deep in my pelvis. I was kind of excited at this point cause and I said "Yay, maybe I can find out the sex of the baby".. Dr. Ford said "I already have an idea of what it is, and no, I'm not going to tell you yet because sometimes girls can get mistaken at times.

Going into the waiting room to wait on the sonogram machine, I was thinking ITS A GIRL.. What he just said to me means he thinks its a girl. So I wait and I think, I can talk him into telling me when we do the sonogram.

During the sonogram I was sad that George wasn't there to see the baby again, but I was super happy to hear the heartbeat and a good report. While Dr. Ford was talking about the baby he kept saying "He..." "He is moving..." So I said "HE???" and he said "HE OR SHE"... UGHHHHHHHHHH

Needless to say I was frustrated and confused after my visit about the gender, but was happy that it is healthy and well. So he said "SEE YOU IN 4 Weeks, and then you will find out!" Not what I wanted to hear after my long day.

So there you go, in 25 days on Oct. 2nd, hopefully we will have our answer.. PINK OR CAMO!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Congrats goes out to my West Texas friends Jim and Laura. Today she gave
birth to a 10lb 11 oz, and 20" long baby girl Ella after 30 hours of labor and finally a C-Section. Although I feel so sorry for Laura and her delivery process, I am excited that my wish came true and it was a Sept. 1st baby. Now our kids can go to college together and be in the same grade in school. Laura said she looks like a 2 month old baby and ate her first meal very well! We are going to visit them in October and can't wait to see little Ella.

This weekend my family all ventured out to Burnet, Tx where we spent our Labor Day Weekend eating, eating and eating some more. Well at least that's what it felt like. Here are some picture from the weekend.

If you have ever lived in Abilene recently, you will understand why our cabin name made us laugh.

If you are from Cleburne, DFW area, you will probably already know what Crypto is. It is a disease and it comes from drinking the water in like public pool, recreational areas. They had to close down several pools in our area because of it and even the Splash Station pool in Cleburne. Well Sara and Luke had not heard of it, but when we told Cooper about it, I think he thought it was a special power or something. I don't think the people in the Hill Country knew what he was saying, but if he had been saying that in our area people would have been running.

Here is a video of him at the pool.

This picture pretty much sums up our weekend and how we all felt!

On the way home George got to drive the RV for the first time. He did a great job and I was not scared one time!