Monday, February 14, 2011

Haley is 2

These pictures are telling the story backwards, so start at the bottom and scroll up! haha

This is a picture of her opening presents. She got so many great gifts, I'm storing some in the closet and getting them out every few months! haha.. Thank you everyone for all of the gifts, money, and love! Haley is such a gift to us and has blessed us in so many ways!


The Elmo party was a hit and we had a BIG turnout!

The birthday girl at her party! She loves the attention and she loves to sing "Happy Birthday to Haley"! We were so happy that George's whole family came down for the party, which was really fun!

Smiling with Mommy! We gave her an Ernie doll and she loved it! When she opened it she said "Where's Burt?" We also gave her books, and smaller little bike to ride in the house.

She got a scooter from Nonnie and Poppy!

Then on her real birthday we had cake and opened a few presents!

It was Pajama Day "P" Day at school! Notice her Birthday Princess Button!

The day started off with Haley going to preschool on her birthday. George was off work, so he got to take her!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We sure have enjoyed our 5 days off together. George only got to enjoy 1 of the days with us, but he did get to leave early at 4 a couple of days so he could play! Haley and I read books, ate, worked out, napped, and just enjoyed being together! We sure LOVED our snow days!