Monday, January 26, 2009

37+ weeks

Here is me at 37 weeks. George and I went for a short walk down to the pasture.

Below are pictures of the basket of goodies from my co-workers and my kids at school. My friend Leigh, the choir teacher and my awesome friend brought my shower from school to my house. She did a great job getting it all together and going shopping. I also got a nice gift card too, which I already spent online last night. It made me feel so special to see what everyone had pitched in and gave to me. I was extremely touched by the gifts my kids gave me. She said my students were so gracious and gave over $100. The kids generosity really made me smile because some of my student who I know do not have much gave, and some of the students who I am always having to disciple gave. It just shows that being a teacher is such a rewarding career and even if you don't feel like you have touched their lives each day, you never know who you have had an impact on.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

36.5 week doctor update

I went to the doctor today and no real news to tell. I'm 80% effaced, but not dilated and she said everything was on schedule as it should be. Heartbeat was good and Haley is moving around and growing everyday. George got to go with me today and meet our new doctor. My next appointment is next Wednesday and my mom is going with me to that one. My doctor did say that if I haven't gone into labor by week 39, which is in 2 1/2 weeks then she will induce.

We took a tour of the hospital,which is so awesome I am almost excited about being in the hospital for a couple of nights. It looks like a hotel, George has his own bed, and the showers have massage jets. The women's unit opened in April, so everything is brand new and super high tech. There is a Neonatal III in the facility, so we know Haley won't need it, but its comforting that she will be right down the hall if something did happen. In the delivery room there is a waiting area with its own flat screen TV and a curtain for family. Although I did remind George that there are plenty of other waiting areas OUTSIDE the delivery room for family...haha.. There is a Starbucks in the hospital and two cafeteria areas with really good food. Of course being a Dietitian I had to ask all about the food, and I'll be the judge when I get there.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

36 weeks-Sunny Saturday

I thought you might need a little laugh to brighten your day!

Yes, I was riding the stationary bike outside this afternoon because it was so nice and warm. This is about all the exercise I get, but I enjoy getting my blood pumping a little.

This is what George was doing while I rode. I am very proud of him for getting his Suzuki running again with some help from others, but mostly by himself. He always thinks he can't do things, but if he sticks to it, he always succeeds! He can't wait to give it to Haley for her 16th birthday someday. Okay, maybe as a joke, or maybe what he says now, but I'm sure that little girl will have him wrapped around her finger someday and be driving something a little newer than that.

I was going to do a countdown, but at this point I'm not real sure how to count. Not that I don't know how to count, but that the doctor said they would probably induce at 39 weeks, but we will talk with her more Wednesday at our appointment and maybe I can get a real countdown. At the most I know I only have to be pregnant for 28 more days or less which is very encouraging to me.

In case you didn't know, when I said HER, yes I have a new doctor. Real fun to go meet your doctor 4 weeks before you are due. I got the welcome and new patient packet... a little late now I was thinking. I really liked her and she was very thorough with me and all that has been going on. I am now going to deliver at Baylor All Saints in Fort Worth. Bye bye Walls Regional of Cleburne. I wasn't too sad to say goodbye, although I do still love Dr. Ford, but just wish he did high risk women in Fort Worth.

Here is a picture of me today at 36 weeks and 2 days. They have changed my due date to Feb. 13th, but I'm sure it will be earlier more like the 7th or something.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for everything you have done for me over the past few weeks. The calls, prayers, cards, texts, emails, magazines, books, meals, donuts, flowers, heat neck wraps, food, notes, gifts, etc. have all really encouraged me to stay positive and just make it through this tough little time. I know no matter how I feel or what the diagnosis is, it will all be worth it when little Haley smiles at us. So with that being said, some of my school friends are bringing me dinner and a movie for a little girls night. It really makes you want to be a better person when you see everyone being so good to you in a time of need. With all my time to think these days I really have realized that's why we are on this earth is to share, give, and be like Jesus.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Big Brother

Thats right. I'm going to be an Aunt again! Yay! Our family will have babies everywhere next Christmas. Baby Hejl is due in August. I'm thinking Haley is going to have a girl cousin her same age. We shall see.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 lb 1 oz

I went to see an awesome Doctor in Fort Worth today. If you ever need a high risk baby doctor Dr. Reyes at Baylor All Saints is your girl. She was very thorough and listened to everything. The purpose of my visit was to get a quick neurologist referral to a good doctor and to check Haley out real good. They did a long sonogram and measured bones and checked her out real good. They confirmed again that "It's a girl" which is good. Since she was measuring good and at a good weight the doctor wasn't concerned with my little weight gain. My blood pressure was better at 126/76. She assured me that whatever was wrong with me and my muscles would not effect delivery and that I can still have a normal birth and have it here with Dr. Ford. She didn't feel that I needed to continue seeing her for any reason at this time unless the Neurologist says so.

I'm waiting on them to call me about setting up the Neurologists appointment. It is really difficult to get into see one, but the one they are sending me too likes to see pregnant woman and knows about it. They said lots of Neurologists won't do anything until after delivery because they are unsure, but apparently this dude is well read and doesn't mind seeing pregnant woman.

So that's the update. Thanks for all the calls, texts, and emails. Now I am going to relax, make some brownies and root for Florida to beat OU tonight. They shouldn't be playing in this game anyways, UT is #1.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 and 34 1/2 weeks

Things that have made me happy in 2009:

1. We got a Wii for Christmas
2. Haley is + or - 5 1/2 weeks away from being in the world
3. We got to go to Houston and spend time with G's family over the break
4. I have the best mom and dad in the world
5. George is such a hard worker and got all of his 80 sales at work and his payout
6. We got to spend new years eve with family playing fun games
7. Haley is spoiled already with a closet full of clothes from now until she is like a year old, and has everything she could ever need as a baby
8. I beat George at Wii bowling several times
9. Our friends Laura and Jim came to visit with baby Ella on Saturday
10. All of my closest college friends are pregnant or just had a baby: Ella-4 months, Baby Winter- Due July 15th, Baby Hughes-Due Aug. 7th.
11. Got a new lazy boy recliner with our Christmas money
12. Watching George play Wii Tennis and get so into it... haha.. I have the best husband ever!!!

Struggles we have started the new year with:

1. No more work for me until baby Haley arrives
2. Doctors visits, Doctors visits, Doctors visits
3. George and job downers
4. Gaining weight for the doctor-only gained 3 pounds so far?? WHAT? Never had this struggle
5. An old woman ran into G's truck at taco bell today-no damage done.. poor old lady
6. Upped the sales at Wells Fargo to 90 each quarter

Well I see that my happy list is longer than my struggles, so that's a good thing. Thanks to all of you for your thought and prayers. I am going to see a high risk pregnancy doctor in Fort Worth on Thursday at 9:00 to get Haley all checked over and get a 3D sonogram. Then to another neurologist to find out whats up with my muscles in my arms and legs. I have been very weak and its getting more difficult to do daily tasks the bigger my belly gets. This is more than a pregnancy thing and so it needs further testing and concern.

As for 2009 we are kind of getting a taste of life..... good, bad, blessings, failures, happiness, sadness, friendship, worry, kindness, generosity and its all LIFE... I'm just glad to know where I'll be someday will be so much better and I can't wait to teach Haley about that. God is good!