Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cowgirl Don't Cry

I think of that song everyday when Haley is screaming. Yes, we have a little feisty colicky drama queen on our hands. We love her to death though. We have started to think that those little pittiful sad faces are pretty cute all afternoon long. I did read that colicky babies are smart, so we can stand it for 3 months if she will get a full ride to ACU and save us some money! Remember that Miss Haley!!
Haley will be 6 weeks old on Tuesday. Here is what she can do now:

-Roll from her side to her back or side to her tummy

-Scoot all over her bed sideways

-Hold her head up more on her own

-Lay on her tummy and raise her head for quite awhile
-Scream, scream, cry, yell, scream
-Coo and make noises in the mornings
-Have a bath, bottle and go to bed for the past week and sleep for 5 hours straight-she is getting into the routine

-Crawl up your body when you are holding her and try to jump over your shoulder or off the chair when you are burping her

Well thats just a few things. Here are some pictures. Don't let that sweet face fool you-we have a drama queen on our hands, and we wouldn't trade her for the world!

She got to meet Uncle Harold this week and Aunt Judy came by twice to see her on her Spring Break: