Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day and Food

Well Haley has eaten green beans, rice cereal, and this week we are onto peas. She gave me a bad look this morning when she first tried the peas, but then quickly decided to like them. She is doing really good and enjoys eating. Imagine that!

George had a good Father's Day! He got a $10 gift card to Ponchos from Haley (he loves that place and notice I only got him $10 so I didn't have to eat there, just watch him), several homemade cards from Haley, a T-Shirt that says Haley's Dad Rules, 2 things of David Beckham cologne and a gift card to sonic from mom! Got to love that extra gift day now that we have a kid!
We had a Father's Day Fiesta Saturday for all the dads. It was fun for everyone from all sides of my family to get together. The Fajitas and Sopapilla cheesecake were a hit. George entered the ice cream churn off at church last night. He made reeses homemade ice cream. I think we got 3rd place, but they only did 1st and 2nd..haha..It was all gone though and it was yummy.

Oh mom.. stop taking my picture, I'm just eating like a big girl.. everyone does it.