Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I can't think of a creative title..

Today, I got 2 shots, and am 15lbs, and 25 3/4 inches long. I am in the 50th percentile for weight and height! I'm taking big girl baths now, and hanging out with 9 other friends each day!
I'm eating all kinds of things such as mixed berry and granola, mixed vegetables, and strawberry and banana baby food and I love it!!mmm.. Haley...:)

Last week went very well with me heading back to work and Haley off to Gateway Early Learning Center. I hate calling it daycare, just makes it sound, ugh, but it was a good week. Then Saturday while I took a break and went to the pool, George said she was fussy. Her temp was 101, so we took her to the doctor. She had an ear infection. Needless to say the next 72 hours were not so fun. George stayed off work Monday with her and took good care of her. She loves her daddy and I just don't see how anyone could be a single parent. He takes her to school everyday and picks her up when he gets off earlier than me.

Sunday, Nonnie kept sick Haley, while George and I went with Ty and Courtney to see the Red Socks and Rangers play. We had 8th row seats behind homeplate, and were about 6 rows behind Nolan Ryan. It was awesome! The heat was not a factor because we had such great seats. I am now the official new yearbook sponser for SMS this year. I'm really excited. I get a nice camera to play with and a period off to work on it! So, what better way to practice than taking picture of the most beautiful girl I know!
P.S. From Haley...
Oh yeah, and my Poppy came home from the hospital today, and my cousin Juliet should be coming to see me very soon. Aunt Sara will find out tomorrow just exactly when that day will be, but I say hurry on up, you are taking too long. Love you all, Haley Clarke Price