Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots of 1st's and 8 Months Old!

1st time to ever see a pumpkin, and she was waving Hi to us while we took her picture.
1st time to eat hay at the pumpkin patch..

1st, well maybe second, fire.

Big smile at the pumpkin patch!

1st time to go to a kids birthday party! Happy 1st birthday Ryan, Brody, and Gunnar!

I just loved this picture and I love my bestest friend Alex!

And her 1st time to go to a 60th birthday party in Dallas! Happy Birthday Mindy!!
Haley was 8 months yesterday. She can clap, make funny noises with her mouth, eat whole puffs and bitter biscuits, crawl and pull up everywhere, hang onto stuff with one hand, and she is starting to make talking noises like Da, and Ma. She is such an angel and we are so happy God gave us Miss Haley!