Monday, July 19, 2010

San Antonio and VBS

This past weekend we went on a kidfree trip to San Antonio with Alex and Charlie. We had such a wonderful, relaxing trip and I don't think Alex and I ever stopped talking and laughing the whole trip. Here is one of our funny pictures we took below.


Night out

The group

The Alamo

The girls

Before we left, we had to have a girl photo. Haley loved Alex and Charlie!

We had VBS last week. I taught the 1st grade class. Here is a picture of my group.

The sweet girls I taught all week!

Haley started swimming lessons last week. Here is a picture before her first lesson. We will go again this week and then she will be ready for Port A and Galveston the two following weekends!

Haley at VBS with Jackson! Such a sweet girl giving kisses out!

4 more weeks of summer! Please slow down, i'm not ready to go back to work:(