Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 2011

Ready for church! Thank you Memaw for the Pearls! I never want to take them off!!!

Nonnie took Haley to see Barney Live! She absolutely loved it! Can't wait to go see Elmo live in March!

Cousins came to play this weekend! We sure love having Jules and Coop closer!

Haley is turning "2" in 11 days. Can't wait to have her Elmo party!
Here are some things Haley can do at almost "2"!!
-sing her ABC's
-count to 10
-sing all of the bible class songs
-recognize that Haley starts with an H
-recognizes colors (pink, yellow, purple, blue, orange)
- when I sing the books of the bible she says "Acts" in the right spot
-calls her daddy "Georgie"
-knows all animals even alligators, beavers, dolphins, bees, crabs, and snails
-loves to be around people and other kids
-is very energetic and never stops
-likes to watch Super Y, Barney, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and Charley Brown
-love chicken nuggets, apple juice, strawberries, grapes, and hamburger helper
-enjoys playing with baby dolls (rocks, sings, says "by by by, peep, peep, peep)
-likes to ride her bike, jump on the trampoline and just be outside
-wants to paint everyday
-has fun playing with puzzles

We have a little diva on our hands and we are loving it!