Thursday, July 10, 2008

Christmas in July

So I decided to take a picture of all the gifts that we have received from everyone so far. This is by far not all of the gifts, but just a snap shot of what we have gotten. Notice the camo daddy diaper bag from the GREAT Aunt Lisa (I'm just saying you are great, not old by any means) and the two pink girl outfits in the middle. I think my mom and Lisa are trying to tell me something.

I received a package in the mail today from Gramma and Aunt Toni. They bought me my first maternity clothes. Arn't those shirts the coolest? I'm going to be the hippest mom around.

Oh, and we are both getting very educated thanks to all of the magazines and books we have received.
So, I really wasn't sure I should show everyone this, but here is the baby's room. HAHA... We do indeed have a long way to go with this. Hopefully our remodeling with be done soon and this room will be cleared out.

Thanks everyone for your gifts and thoughtfulness! The baby will be 9 weeks on Saturday and boy how time flies when you are having fun. February will be here before we know it!