Tuesday, July 8, 2008

George and Rach + 1

I have fallen in love with the show John and Kate + 8, so I thought that George and Rach +1 would be an appropriate title (even though it doesn't rhyme) since I am now 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I used to wonder how women kept up with that stuff or how they remembered it, but when its you and your body it seems so natural and easy to remember. Here is our first official picture of Baby Price. I guess the sonogram pictures are a motherly thing too, because before this I could never see anything, but when I look at this I feel as if I can see everything. They gave us a video and I will try to put it on here maybe later this week.

Baby Price's dad is very proud to say the least. He really enjoyed going to the doctor and seeing the baby and the heart beat. He took the picture to work today and I heard that he would send the picture (that he put in his I love my dad frame already) down the tube for everyone to see. This baby is already so loved, not just because of the fact that its due on Valentines Day but that its Gramma, Nonnie, Aunt Toni and Aunt Sara have already bought lots of presents for the little one. Thanks guys!