Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Labor and Delivery

Here is the link to my MG blog and about my treatments.


If you don't want to hear details you better stop reading now. Here is a little time line of my labor/delivery so I can remember.


Feb. 9th

5:00pm-Was admitted to hospital to rest and get ready to be induced the next morning. I was having some strong MG symptoms and I think the stress and anticipation of delivery the next day took a toll on my body and I was admitted to the hospital.

Feb. 10th-Tuesday

5:30am-woke up and took a shower

6:30-was taken to labor/delivery

8:00-realized pitocin was not started at 630, so began pitocin

10:00-Dr. broke my water-UGH.. weirdest feeling in the whole wide world.. yuck

10-12:30- Contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and began to hurt worse. I called in for the epidural. Diated to a 5

12:30-Epidural given. This was a horrible experience. I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with the epidural man. He hit bone so had to start over, had to call in two doctors and I have 4 people in there giving it to me. I was a little freaked out. This was worse that any other part of labor, but I would not have done it without it. Sorry to those of you who like to do things naturally, but I think you are nuts.

1:30-5 Just chilled, didn't feel contractions finally dilated to a 9 1/2

5-7-Dilated to a 10, just waiting for baby to come down the birth canal. They didn't want me to have to push much at all because of my muscles, so I just waited and waited. Felt lots of pressure, and was very uncomfortable.

7:00-Dr. Hardick returned from delivering another baby at Harris and began working with me. I found out they would take Haley asap after she was born to the NICU to watch for MG symptoms, so I decided to have my mom and George's mom in the room with me too cause I knew it wouldn't be a long, hard delivery, and they might not get to see her for awhile.

7:30pm-I pushed 2-3 times and they used the vacuum extraction to get Haley out. It was not painful really and very easy.

7:40-Haley arrives and the 4 people NICU team begin working on her. She wasn't crying at first and they put oxygen on her. The cord was wrapped twice around her neck. The best move I made was having her delivered in Fort Worth and my Neurologist Dr. Nations having the team of NICU people in the room. They immediately began working on her and if they hadn't been in there, that would have been a more stressful situation for sure. Haley needed some help at first getting adjusted. They gave her to me to hold and George got to hold her, then they showed her around and she went to the NICU.

The one thing I was dying for was a huge glass of water. I could only have a few ice chips all day Tuesday and I just kept saying how much I couldn't wait to have a big glass of ice water. I drank it down and went to the bathroom all night because of that and all the IV fluids.

George and my mom got to go down to the NICU that night and see her. Haley did not have any symptoms of MG after her 4 day stay in the NICU which is great. I'm glad Dr. Nations advised my Ob to take those precautions.

After delivery I tried to pump and feed, but it just became way too stressful on my body. Haley got 2 good bottles of good mommy stuff, but thats about it. Wednesday my body began to get weaker and go into the MG crisis.

So all and all pregnancy just isn't for me, but if I had known this before I may not have had my beautiful baby girl now. I don't regret it at all, just glad she is healthy and her mamma is getting healthier now by the day.

Our little HayHay...

She loves her daddy. She is going to be a daddy's little girl. He has done such a good job with her taking care of her this first week of life. He has fed her and changed lots of dirty diapers. He was in the NICU a lot more than I was checking on her, feeding her, changing her and playing with her.