Monday, February 2, 2009


I titled this post HOPE because that is what I received Friday at my neurologist appointment.
My mom said it right when she said "Nothing like a little hope to make you feel better already!"

Dr. Nations my new neurologist, and the 3rd one I've seen this month, spent 3 hours with me on Friday afternoon getting my history, performing tests on me, giving me a diagnosis, and giving me medications. She was getting history all the way back from my mom about my birth until now, and she even did tests on mom to compare the two of us. I then went to do an EMG test where my muscles were shocked several times and tested and then a needle was put into my arm muscle and tested. The diagnosis was made-Myasthenia Gravis, and I was started on Mestinon. Today is my first day of a full dose of the medicine, but I feel stronger already. Although this may sound simple or daily life to a normal person, but I actually walked into Target today, back to the baby section and felt good. I haven't walked into a store in probably 6 weeks because I was so weak and felt like I was going to fall.
My HOPE all started when Mindy Shaw sent that little email to me about Dr. Nations. Mindy, Michael, and Alex have been 3 of my favorite people for about 12 year now, but who knew there was a reason God put them in my life and put Mindy working for MDA. Mindy works with Dr. Nations, and got me into see her quickly to get some real help from someone who knows about MG.
Today I found more HOPE when Dr. Hardick my Obgyn said that we are inducing next Tuesday Feb. 10th at 6:30am! We are going to be parents in exactly a week from tomorrow if not earlier! Not to mention that Feb. 10th with be my grandaddy's 85th birthday!
Here is a picture of me at 38 weeks before the big Super Bowl Game!! I gained 2 more pounds this week, which is good news for me!

As George and I were on our back porch this weekend, we were talking about the kind of person we want Haley to be. The one main thing we want her to be is a good person. We want her to be kind to other kids and treat everyone the way she would like to be treated. I always say I want her to be a "good girl" not concerned with popularity or what other people think, but a kid who is far more mature and sees the bigger picture in life. Not the kid that makes fun of people with disabilities or handicaps, but the kid who lends them a hand, or helps them out in class. I write this because I HOPE one day she can read this and say that she is indeed a Godly woman who is caring, considerate and kind to everyone she comes in contact with. We can't wait to welcome out new little baby girl into this world in a week!! Until then... I'm getting lots of sleep!!!