Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 1/2 weeks old

Mom and I took Haley out to get some pictures in the bluebonnets this week! She did pretty good as far as a 2 month old can do. She didn't scream the whole time so that was a plus. Notice that I was actually able to squat down for the picture, though I did have help getting up!

Like my jean shorts? My mom went crazy and bought be lots of new clothes when she went shopping last weekend!

I love to be outside and I like my bumbo too.

Nonnie bought me lots of new toys to play with. I especially like my talking and laughing doll. I think she is real and I don't cry when she is laying on me talking to me. We did catch her hitting her doll in the face today over and over. I told Haley we don't hit and that she would get a spanking for that in a few months if she did it to another kid-haha..