Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friends and a Porch Swing

Haley is 11 weeks old right at this very moment and she is growing so fast.

Thanks Cousin Lindsey for my cute outfit!

Things she is starting to do now:
-Recognizes her feet
-Squils and makes gaga noises
-Look and recognizes peoples voices when they talk
-Watch TV, especially The View, Dancing with the Stars and The Food Network
-Looks at books
-Loves to play with her toys

I love to ride my dog Max

I went to visit Aunt Audra, Cooper and Izzy

I stayed with Nonnie and Poppie Saturday night and this is us before church
My new friend Kerrington Dagley! She is 2 weeks old!

Audra, Izzy and Cooper

Memaw and Pepaw came to visit me!

Nonnie and Poppie bought me a porch swing that I love and fall alseep on!
Kerrington is too precious!

My other new 2 week old friend Lyren! She is so tiny!

I love it when Haley plays with her hair! She does it a lot when she is really sleepy or eating.

Okay, so I know this is mean of me, but I just think its really funny how Haley poops. You definitely know she is going. I had to take her out in church Sunday cause it was quiet and she started to do this. Poor baby has to try so hard. Too funny though...