Monday, July 13, 2009

Austin Weekend

Haley, Mom and I went to Austin this weekend for Sara's baby shower. Juliet got lots of good stuff. Here is Haley and Juliet below. Haley can't wait to meet her baby cousin!

We are throwing a Fiesta party at our church in a couple of weeks, so I was trying to get a picture of Haley for the video announcements.

So Nonnie bought Cooper a pair of scrubs for the hospital that say big brother on them. He loved them and kept wanting to put them on while we were there. At one point he almost stepped on Haley, and we all said watch out, and Cooper said " Don't worry, I'm a Doctor!" it was hillarious to hear come out of a 3 year olds mouth!
We are heading out Abilene tomorrow! I can't wait to see all my girls! This will be Haley's first trip to Abilene!