Friday, July 17, 2009

Haley's New Talents

Here are things Haley can do now:

1. Jump and kick her baby Einstein saucer so hard that it just wobbles and goes crazy and she loves it!

2. Lay on her back and play with her feet

3. Roll over both ways, she just mastered the back to stomach roll yesterday

4. Make a smacking and clicking noise with her tongue.

5. She slept from 11pm to 10am this morning!!

6. Move her left arm up and down spastically

7. Take long 2 hour naps during the day

8. Laugh at funny faces, when you tickle her, or when you talk to her and smile

9. Get really excited when George or I enter the room, or sad when we leave the room

10. Turn the pages of a book back and forth

11. Sit through Bible class on Sunday morning and Wednesday night for an hour and be as happy as can be..

It won't be much longer and she will be sitting up on her own!

I met with her babysitter yesterday and am preparing myself for the big day August 10th, when she will start going everyday and I go back to school! I praise the Lord that I feel good enough to go back to work, and I love my job, and I love the lady she is staying with, but needless to say, it won't make the transition any easier! I'm sure I will have some swollen eyes going into work for a few days, leaving my baby behind each morning! That's why I think George is going to get the drop off job each morning.