Sunday, September 20, 2009

W.A. Martin Elementary

Saturday my dad's side of the family went to Crandal for the dedication of the new W.A. Martin Elementary School. It was such an awesome ceremony and such an honor to be apart of it. It was so fun having everyone there and all the babies too. If you know my Pepaw you know that he is a man of few words, but when he does talk, you better listen. He was in education for 36 years and was the principal, a teacher, a coach, the lawn mower man, the janitor, a preacher, the drivers ed teacher, and a great father all at the same time for many of those years. My Memaw quoted my dad saying, "Mom, I'm the only kid whose dad mows the school yard in a tie." The room was full of people there to honor him. I admire my Pepaw for many reasons, but the one thing that I truly admire him for is the fact that he has the whole bible memorized. Ask him any scripture and he can recite it and tell you chapter and verse. He studies the Bible most of his day, and he is still preaching. Congrats Pepaw! I don't know anyone else who deserves to have such an honor as you do!