Saturday, January 9, 2010

11 Month

Haley will be 11 months old tomorrow! I think I say this every month, but she just gets more fun all the time. She walks everywhere now, no more crawling for her! She talks all the time, but I'm really not sure what she is saying yet. The cutest thing that she is doing now is that she will go to the shelf, grab a book and bring it to me and want to sit in my lap. She is eating almost everything now, with the exception of the things she shouldn't have yet like dairy foods, popcorn, chocolate, caffeine, etc. Last night at dinner she ate 2 rolls, and that was mainly to keep her occupied so she would stay in her seat. I know, great parenting huh? She loves bread, tortillas, potatoes, noodles (especially hamburger helper), rice, and loves goldfish. She is going to be just like her mom and dad eating all those carbs. She likes fruits and vegetables as well:)

She is on a great schedule now. She naps from 9-10:30 and 1-3:00 and then goes to bed at 8 or so and sleeps till about 7:20. She still loves Bible Class and singing Bible songs. I have a cd in the car of children's Bible songs and when I turn it on she gets so calm and loves to hear the children sing.

We love the lady that keeps her everyday, Ginger. She is such a blessing to us and treats Haley so good everyday. I started praying for that when I found out I was pregnant, and she has truely been an answer to many prayers. Most days of the week, Haley plays with about 3 other kids each day and loves it. This week I walked in the door, she wanted down, and she walked right to the playroom to play with the kids. She never looked back at me, which makes me happy that she is so happy there!

I'm gearing up for Haley's parties (yes, parties) next month. We are going to have a Cleburne party, and then we are going to Houston for another party with George's family there. I can't wait! Looking back a year ago, I wasn't so sure about all that was going on, but now I know God had such a plan for us, and although it was rough and hard, I can truely be thankful for each day, and each moment with Haley.


Mary said...

She IS such a blessing, and such a beautiful one! We love sweet Haley so much and are so excited to celebrate her big day with her!

jim & laura said...

I truely cannot believe she is almost one!! Time goes by so fast. She is getting so big and their little personalities really start to shine. I'm so glad this past year has gone so well for y'all! Love ya!

Winter Wonderland said...

I agree with Laura and Mary...what a blessing!!! She is just growing into a beautiful young lady. We hope to see you guys you!

Anonymous said...

You deserve all the happiness in the world, my sweet friend. Haley is the most beautiful little girl and brings all who know her such happiness. Can't wait to party! :-)

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