Tuesday, March 9, 2010

13 Months Tomorrow

After church last Sunday! Everyone liked my new Sandals!

She is excited that Mom is fixing to be on Spring Break for a whole week!! We are going to the Zoo, Austin, Shopping, Memaws and playing in the Sun!!!

Running through the church! Glad it was over!

Ringing the bell to start Bible Class! She loves all of her teachers, but I've got to give props to her Super Wednesday night teachers, Nonnie, Aunt Lisa, Mommy (Me), and Cousin Lindsey!

Haley still loves Bible Class! She loves the song "Would you like to pat the Bible?"


Winter Wonderland said...

Such a sweet church-going girl.

Anonymous said...

Sweetest thing ever! Who would have ever imagined that you would have a daughter running down the same church aisles that we prepared communion for...Mmmmmm, those were the days! So,so cute! Haley is such a beautiful girl! Just like her mamma!