Monday, March 15, 2010

Visit to Memaw and Pepaws

Haley, Mom, and I went to Crandal to visit Memaw and Pepaw on Saturday. We had such a great time visiting and eating lunch. The weather was perfect for a little Easter Egg hunt! Haley is a good little hunter. She will give Cooper a run for his money when they hunt together! Haley loves Pepaw! She kept giving him his shoes and pointing to him. She loves her Memaw too, but she liked to play games on her. She pointed to her pictures on the refrigerator and when Memaw looked, she stole a potato chip off of her plate. Then she would act like she was sharing her cheetos with Memaw, but she would take them back quickly. Wonder who these funny games remind us of... hmmm.. GEORGE!! She is a daddy's girl for sure!

The street they live on!