Sunday, September 12, 2010

19 Months and DMB Concert!

Haley was 19 months on Friday! She just gets more fun everyday! She also gets more independent which I love! But with independence comes her little stubborn personality. She likes to have things her way or she will get a little upset. She doesn't go back to the doctor until she is 2! Wow! This 2nd year of life has definitely gone by much faster than the 1st! She is a very girly girl notice the bracelets in the above picture. She likes to carry her purse around, and brush her hair. I have to admit though, that she loves to play with her daddy and can be a rough little girl. She wants to watch him work on things, mow the yard, play ball, hold his tools when he is working, and play in the mud! She is saying more phrases now instead of just one word. Today she said "yes I can', and "bring it to me"! She is such a fun little girl!

Sara and I went to see DMB yesterday! We had a blast and didn't even have seats because we were in the PIT. We were the groupies! haha! Thanks to my great hubby who gave me this amazing ticket for my birthday! This was about the 10th time Sara and I have seen Dave, but we have never been this close! It was AWESOME!

And this is really him!! We were this close!! No, it is not the jumbo tron!