Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st Day at Preschool

Haley had a great 1st day at preschool! She loved it! Mrs. Marcy said she slept and ate good which are two very important things! She said Haley was very smiley and had fun! George got to take her this morning, and Poppy picked her up at 2:45!



Winter Wonderland said...

Is she standing up on the kids at pre-school too??? Haha! Glad she's enjoying her pre-school.

a boy a girl and a pug said...

she is growing up too fast!! i can't believe she's in preschool already. glad she's loving it and hope you're having a good school year too. y'all take care!

megan & jared

erwin said...

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Preschool San Antonio said...

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