Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend-22 Weeks

I think I'll start my blog today off on a fun note. We traveled to Denver City, TX to see our friends Jim and Laura and their new little girl Ella. We had a great time just eating, more eating, and laying around. Ella is so sweet. She is just the best little baby. She is 6 weeks old and sleeps 7 hours each night. I only heard her cry for like 10 seconds at a time and she only cried when she was hungry.

George got some practice. He is going to love little Haley and be the best dad. It was so fun to just hang out with Laura and talk about old college times. Laura and I were on the same hall our freshman year, both majored in Nutrition and had every class together, and were both Siggies. I'm so glad we went to see them. They only live 30 minutes from Hobbs, New Mexico, so we even went to a different state while we were there.

On a sad note.. my Great Aunt Haley passed away this morning. Our little Haley is going to be named after her. She was my grandmother's best friend and she definitely had the best name out of all of my grandmother's siblings (Loma, Elvis, Lemuel(sp?) ). She lived a long, Christian life and was ready to go, and although it is sad that she is gone, it's neat to see the way God created human life to have a beginning and an end and how we will have a new Haley here in February.