Sunday, October 26, 2008

Homecoming Weekend and Haley's Bedding

Friday night we went to ACU for homecoming weekend. We made all the important Abilene stops like eating at Abuelos and Rick and Carolyns, driving by campus several times to see the new attractions, going to the parade and the game, and shopping at the campus store. Many will never understand why people have so much love for such a small college in Abilene, Texas, but if you go there, you know why you want your kids to someday be a wildcat. Its not about the classes or the education, but its about the relationships and the christian atmosphere. Though it may cost thousands of dollars to go to college here (thanks Mom, Dad, Bobbie, and Big George), every time we go back we realize that it was all worth it. Seeing old friends who shared so much with for four years of our lives, and seeing them start new little families of their own, just makes the tradition continue on. I just can't wait for Haley to get the same experience George and I did one day.

Here is one of my favorite memories and reasons I am glad I went to ACU-George. Here is a picture of us by the Gata fountain by the campus store.

See we are already getting prepared for our first little wildcat with some new attire.

Also, Haley's bedding and curtains arrived this week. Thanks goes out to Grandma and Grandfather (aka: Bobbie and Big George) for the bedding and curtains. We decided that going all pink was just too much, so we decided on green and black bedding and added some pink curtains and a pink sheet. We are excited with the outcome!