Sunday, October 5, 2008

21 Weeks-Doctors Visit

We have been anticipating this doctors appointment for over 4 weeks now and Thursday Oct. 2nd finally arrived. George and I had both been giving each other a hard time on our kitchen marker board about whether it would be Haley or Mark. We had to wait 45 minutes for Dr. Ford and we were both getting impatient. He spent 10 minutes doing the sonogram looking at every part of the body. He said its spine looked nice, brain was normal, we saw 4 chambers of the heart, it had a bladder, it did not have a clefted pallet, the umbilical cord was positioned right, the knees and legs looked good and that this was a tall baby already. So then he said "well we are going to wrap this up" I was like wait a second, I'm glad its healthy, but we want to know boy or girl. So at the very end of the visit he scrolled down to the legs. I initially did not see anything between them, and I looked at George. Dr. Ford said, it looks like a girl, but save your receipts. That was not what I wanted to hear. Then he kept looking and he typed girl on the screen and said, yep that it was definitely a girl. Never the less, I'm still saving the receipts,
but I'm pretty sure he was right.

So I'm glad she has a name and a gender now and we can call her Haley. She has been kicking me a lot more lately and is growing more everyday. By next week she will be 1 pound.

Yep.. its a girl!

Kind of creepy, but she is staring right at us smiling!

Side profile view...

So after the appointment we went shopping. I told George to get used to spending his money now that he is going to have 2 girls in the house! Here are the letters we made to put in her room.

Thanks Aunt Toni and Uncle Johnny for the stroller and car seat!! We went to Babies R Us after the visit and picked out a pretty neutral color. I'm trying to stay neutral with my big stuff so if the next one is a boy, we won't have all pink stuff!

And of course we had to buy some pink girlie outfits. I did buy a camo girls outfit for George so that he can know that girls can hang out with their dads and be tough just like little boys!

When we arrived home my mom had put pink and white bows everywhere around our house and we had 2 little girl outfits hanging on our door. My next mission is to find bedding. I think I want to go with camo and hot pink. I'm going to look around online, so if any of you see anything let me know. If not, we might venture out and make it! We shall see......