Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby Shower

We had a pretty eventful weekend. Friday night we went to the Christmas parade downtown Cleburne. It was really pretty good for a Cleburne parade. It lasted a good 30 minutes and Santa and Mrs. Clause even came by at the end. On Saturday night we went downtown Fort Worth and ate at Mi Cocina for George's Wells Fargo party. Sunday my church threw me a baby shower and we got tons of gifts. I will have to say that our little girl will be dressed in lots of pink for the first year of her life.

Here are all the wonderful ladies that have all been apart of my life since I was born.

Starting from the left:

Fairy George-Helped throw my mom's showers when she was getting married and having babies.

Betty Waits-I grew up with Erin her daughter and we have video tapes of us when we were 5 playing and at each others birthday parties

Jamie Williams-Taught me in pre school and I used to ride my bike to her house pretty much everyday after school to play with her little grandchildren when I was in elementary school and they were like a year old.

Amy Jones-I was in her wedding when I was 6 or 7 and I passed out the rice before they left.

Aunt Lisa-Well what can I say, she is pretty much my second mom and she headed up the whole shower! Thanks Aunt Lisa! It was great!

It is so fun to have showers and you forget how important it is to give gifts and go to showers to make the person feel special. George and I sure did feel pretty special unloading all of our gifts and filling up Haley's room on Sunday. My sister came down for the shower and very special guests were my high school friends Melve, Audra, and Alex (and Mindy my other HS mom). I was so glad they came and they gave me awesome gifts. I think they were discussing the whole time how they couldn't believe I was going to be a mom. Kind of crazy how time flies and things change.

My computer is not letting me upload anymore pictures, so I'm going to do another post and see if it will let me.