Monday, December 1, 2008

29 Weeks-Perfect

So I am not one to like to talk about myself, but its my blog so I want to get this on record.

Dr. Ford said today the Haley and I are both PERFECT! Just what a momma wants to hear (wow that felt weird calling myself a mom).

Why are we so perfect?

-I have gained 3 pounds since my last visit, 6 pounds total

-My blood pressure was 130/80

-My glucose test was 91 and Dr. Ford said that was better than his would be

-No swelling in my feet or ankles

-Haley measures perfect in my belly, not to big or small

-Her heart beat was a perfect 140 bpm

So there you have it, we had a short and positive visit. Being a dietitian, I get into the whole numbers and lab tests and it makes me happy when they are all right on track. Just hope I can say that after the delivery and labor. We talked about an epidural and he put me down for one. No natural, wonder woman for me. I go back in 3 weeks on Dec. 22nd. Hope my appointment is as good as it was today.
Merry Christmas!!