Monday, January 26, 2009

37+ weeks

Here is me at 37 weeks. George and I went for a short walk down to the pasture.

Below are pictures of the basket of goodies from my co-workers and my kids at school. My friend Leigh, the choir teacher and my awesome friend brought my shower from school to my house. She did a great job getting it all together and going shopping. I also got a nice gift card too, which I already spent online last night. It made me feel so special to see what everyone had pitched in and gave to me. I was extremely touched by the gifts my kids gave me. She said my students were so gracious and gave over $100. The kids generosity really made me smile because some of my student who I know do not have much gave, and some of the students who I am always having to disciple gave. It just shows that being a teacher is such a rewarding career and even if you don't feel like you have touched their lives each day, you never know who you have had an impact on.