Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Haley's Trip to Houston

Haley had a great Memorial Day weekend meeting lots of George's family that she hadn't met yet. She was happy to see everyone and was a very good girl all weekend.

I thought this picture was hilarious. I have several pictures of when I was little with my grandparents, where all the grandchildren were fighting or acting crazy and our pictures looked like this. Great memories!

Gramma and Haley

Haley met George's best friend from high school Cody.

Riley and Haley hit it off great. She was there for Haley's birth, but couldn't hold her cause she was in the NICU and you had to be 13 to go in there. I can already tell Haley is going to look up to her cool cousin!

Maston loved Haley. She kept hugging her and we had to tell her to be gentle. Maston is 2 and she is developing a little personality. She is a tough little girl and can say pretty much anything you tell her to say.

Aunt Toni and Haley

Pretty Girl
Maston and Haley-I bought them matching outfits for our trip to Arkansas.. so fun..

On our way to Houston.. she was so good in the car..

While we were gone, my dad bought this.. and traded the red vet.. Can we say midlife crisis?

Haley thought Jeff was funny! I can tell Haley is going to love her big cousin Jeff. I bet she will enjoy riding his four wheeler and going fishing with him someday.

Thanks for a fun weekend! See yall again in Arkansas in June!