Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day-MOM

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

My Mom:

The one who walked me into kindergarten the first day, who fixed my hair every morning before school, who made me a homemade birthday cake every year, who could create anything with a pattern and some fabric and thread, who took me to school with her when Cleburne was out, who helped me with my homework each night and read off my spelling list to practice the night before the test, who I went walking with at night around the neighborhood, who never missed a band competition or school event, who taught me to be the better person no matter what the situation was, who taught my bible class at church, who moved me into college and moved me again and again each year, was the first one I called when I got engaged, who came to Oklahoma when I was sick several times, who walked with me at college graduation, was the second one I told when I was pregnant, was by my side when I was in the hospital and I never had to worry if she would leave, was the first one Haley stayed the night with at her house, was the one who cleaned my house, cooked me dinner, and stayed the night for 6 weeks after Haley was born to help me out, the one who wouldn't miss the trip to Minnesota even if she hates to fly, and the one who has always been there and will always be there for me. Happy Mothers Day Mom! You deserve this mothers day more than anyone I know this year!! Love you!!