Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Past Week..

Haley has really started talking a lot this past week. When I hold her up on my shoulder she will just jabber and baby talk. It's really fun to listen to, and no matter how much she keeps doing it, it just makes me smile. She has also started sucking on her hands a lot more now to comfort and occupy herself. I weighed her the other day and she was 11lbs 2 oz. She still gets lots of comments from people that she is so tiny.

Here is a picture of her and her church friends Gunner and Ryan. We are ready to meet Baby Boy Lehrmann soon. He is due May 25th, so we are ready and waiting any day for his arrival! Can't wait for him to hang out with the Gang. Haley is lucky cause she is the only girl in the small group! She should be able to hang with them pretty well considering her daddy is going to have her hitting the baseball soon and driving a jeep.

I had a great first Mother's Day last weekend. Haley and George bought me a massage! It was probably the best First Mother's Day for me cause I felt so good and was so thankful for my health and could enjoy being a mommy.

Haley and I went to the park this week to walk. Yes, I did have to take her picture in front of the train and Spirit of Cleburne.

Got to love the CURLS!! She is getting lots of comments lately that she is a little mini me and that she is a little Rachel. At first everyone said she looked like her daddy, but she is changing.