Sunday, August 17, 2008

14 weeks and a Dave Concert

I am 14 weeks and 1 day today. I am feeling good, taking lots of naps (which really isn't unusual for me pregnant or not), and am back to work. We don't have kids for another week so that is kind of nice to ease in slowly. The baby is now the size of a lemon. I am wearing maternity pants already because I have never liked tight pants. I think I wore black stretchy pants everyday in the 5th grade, so this dislike for tight pants goes back to my childhood. I like comfort that's for sure, so I just gave up and started putting the pants on.

Sara and I went to see Dave Matthews Band on Saturday in Dallas. We had really good seats and enjoyed our 9th Dave concert together. It has become a tradition for us to go every year except this year we realized we weren't as young as we used to be and got real seats instead of lawn seats. The first year we went was the summer before my Sophomore year in high school. I missed 2 years when we lived in Oklahoma. One year before I even knew George we went to The Woodlands and stayed the night in a hotel just to see him there. At the concert we sat next to some dorks who kept yelling "play crash" probably because that's the only song he knew, over and over again. We realized that was were way cooler than them and that they obviously didn't know Dave like we do. haha.... I only took 2 pictures cause my camera died, but here they are below.

This is the baby's 2nd concert so far. The first was John Mayer, and now Dave. This concert was much cooler than John Mayer and the crowd was an older group 25-40 year olds for the most part.
I better get in bed and finish watching the Olympics! Not sure what we are going to do with ourselves once they are over. We are addicted and so proud of the USA!