Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to School

A song always comes to mind at this time of the year and George continues to sing it to me daily before the first day of school so here it goes...

Back to school, back to school
to prove to dad that I'm not a fool
I've got my lunch packed up,
my boots tied tight
I hope I don't get in a fight
Ohh, back to school, back to school
Back to school....

~Billy Madison

One funny thing about me growing up is that I have always thrown up before the first day of school, and I couldn't go to sleep the night before either. It kind of stopped when I got into my Sophomore year of high school, but now if I throw up this year, I kind of have a better reason. I am excited about starting school because I want to do a lot of things differently that I did last year being a new teacher. Yet, I am kind of nervous about getting all big and pregnant while teaching. It makes me excited because the faster I start, the faster it will be February and I won't have to be pregnant anymore and get to be a mommy.

So, coming from the real world prior to teaching, I never understood why teachers complain about going back to school since they have had 3 months off and I only got the 4th of July off and maybe a weeks worth of vacation. But, being a teacher I realize that you really do need that kind of a break to forget about all the kiddos that gave you trouble so that you can dream of the perfect class again. That's what I'm doing this year, dreaming of 160 perfect little angels that love learning and love me... I'll give you an update on that dream after the first couple of weeks of school once they get comfortable and adjusted.