Sunday, August 3, 2008

One Word- HOT!!!!

Hot is probably the the most used word in my vocabulary at this time. 106 degrees and being pregnant does not mix too well. Although, it doesn't help much when your AC goes out on a Saturday and it cannot be fixed until Monday. This is another time when I am thankful I live so close to family. The Martin Motel has been treating us pretty well with many meals and cool air and fans.

Since I am not going into my house, I do not have my camera, so I will post some pictures later. But here are some things going on in our life right now.

1. I finished my certification on Friday and am now an official teacher!
2. I am 12 weeks and 1 day and the baby is the size of a lime now.
3. My clothes are starting to all get uncomfortable if I sit in them a long time.
4. I am no longer feeling sick anymore which makes me extremely happy:)
5. We go to the doctor on Thursday for our 12 week check up.
6. I went with my bestest friend Kami to see John Mayer on Friday night and despite all the sweat and heat, it was awesome and he performed without a shirt on which was a plus.
7. My cousin Lindsey leaves for New York City on Tuesday to be a star.
8. My parents are selling the corvettes:(( Good times in those cars!
9. Our AC went out and its hot ( I just had to repeat that cause its so traumatic)
10. I have one more week of ME time before school starts. I can't wait to do nothing....
11. Our house is so close to being finished. Just waiting on the carpet to come in from Georgia this week and get installed.
12. I got a cute Astros outfit and blanket from Grandma for baby Price. Thanks:)
13. My bestest friend Alex got a job teaching-YAY!! You are going to do great!
14. George is taking half a week off this week to hang out with me:)
15. The Olympics start on Friday! Go USA!