Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's A.......

little stinker..... Yes that's right.. Our little bundle of joy was a little hard headed today at the doctor. Imagine that. I think we are already getting payback from our childhood and what we did to our parents. We went to see Dr. Ford this morning and when he went to hear the heartbeat with just a Doppler thing, he couldn't find it. It took like 10 minutes of moving, prodding, and stress and still no heartbeat. So.. we had to wait again in the waiting room until the sonogram room was free and do another sonogram. We did hear a perfect little heartbeat and everything is fine, just kind of stressed us out for a few minutes. The baby was moving around and doing flips in my stomach. It was hard for Dr. Ford to get a good picture, but he did. Here he/she is at 12 weeks and 5 days.

I am doing good and feeling more and more back to normal. I have not gained any weight since my first visit, so that made me happy. I know it will happen sooner or later, so I'll just wait until later. I go back on September 4th and then we should find out if its a boy or girl around Oct. 2nd.

So our house is FINISHED... I never thought I would say that 4 months later... But it is!!

Here are some pictures:


Hall Bathroom:
Before and After...

Living Room:

Baby's Room:

Cleaned out vs. the earlier picture I posted with junk everywhere...

So the projects never end around here. I have found the baby furniture I want and we are preparing to fill that room up and give us some more things to do. The fun never ends!!