Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Doctors, Snakes, and Obama


These are three things that I'm not so fond of, but they have all affected me this week. First off on Monday when I got home from school there was a snake in my kitchen. I took some pictures of it and will try to post later. It was probably 14 inches long and 1/2 an inch wide. But who cares, it was still a snake in my house. Just to give you a run down of all the crazy animals we have had in our house in the past two years: a bird, tarantulas, a frog, a mouse, a raccoon, 5 baby raccoons, bees, and now a SNAKE... UGH... So people say "you live in the country".. I don't care.. I don't like animals in my house unless they have the name Max, and even then, I don't like him in the house too much. So, George wasn't getting home until 6, and it was 4, so I called my dad and he came to save me. He picked it up and was playing with it and it bit him. Then he killed it and kept telling me "Where there's a baby, there's a mommy" ewww.. So now I'm checking my shoes. He said he was going to buy me a hand gun, but I doubt I would use it, I just like to run. Not sure what we would do without my dad around, cause he pretty much does all the killing of the animals for us. He ripped the snake in half with his hands and then spit on his hands to wash them-gross.. This is another reason I am happy that I am having a girl, because between George and my dad, a boy would be an adventure.


I went to the Doctor yesterday and it went well. I gave blood, had to drink a large bottle of orange junk, wait an hour, and give blood again. They haven't called me, so I guess I'm good and don't have gestational diabetes. I have only gained 3 pounds total since I've been pregnant. Kind of odd since I have a large belly, but Dr. F said that he would like for it to be more, but that he was not too concerned and said that as long as I'm eating good, then it will just be easier to get back to normal after pregnancy. Haley's heartbeat was 138 bpm and that was actually the first time he has been able to hear it on the Doppler. I preregistered at the hospital and called to get a pediatrician set up. He measured my stomach and said everything looked good. I go back Dec 1st and I will be 29 weeks. Not much longer!!

#3-Obama ..... all you will have in your pockets now.....

Lets just say I went to bed at 9:00 last night, and woke up at 10:00 ish to George yelling at the TV. I was at least excited McCain won Texas. Let the wild ride begin!