Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgivings #2 and #3

Well if I hadn't gained enough weight yet during this pregnancy, I think after I go to the doctor tomorrow I will have gained more. We ate Thursday with my mom and dad and had steak, baked potatoes, mac-n-cheese, rolls, and a salad. Friday night we ate with my mom's family and had turkey and dressing and all the fixings. Saturday afternoon we had Thanksgiving #3 with the Martin family. We always go out to eat so we had Cotton Patch. I ate chicken fried steak, okra, and french fries..mmmm.. So when I got on the scale on Tuesday I had only gained 3 pounds and when I weighted this morning I had gained 6 pounds total. YAY! Dr. Ford will be pleased. That's one good thing about being pregnant over the holidays, I didn't haven't to worry about my calorie intake. Here are some pictures of our fun filled family time over the past couple of days.

My cousin Brandon and Cooper love lemons. Brandon and Mary are expecting a baby in May, so Brandon has already started practicing.

My Memaw (My Dad's Mom), Sara and I
My Grandaddy (My mom's dad) and Cooper

George and my cousin Derek playing around...