Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving #1 with the Prices

Our Thanksgiving started early with the Price crew coming down to our house for the weekend. Bobbie and Big George came down Thursday and Toni, Johnny, Riley, Jeff, Maston, Charley and Holly came Friday. This was the second year they have come to Cleburne for Thanksgiving and we hope the tradition continues. It is so fun to have everyone in the same house and all in one place for a couple of days. We had fried turkey, dressing, sides, and pies for dessert on Saturday. It was yummy and I can't wait to have it all again this coming Friday with my mom's family for Thanksgiving #2.

Here is a picture of Maston. She will be 2 in March and I've already decide her and Haley are going to be close cousins. She can say Haley really well and just about anything else you ask her to say. Riley is in the 6th grade and she is so fun to be around. I can relate to her at this age because I work with them everyday at school. Jeff has braces and is in the 4th grade. He sure gets picked on by his uncles when they are both around, but it will continue since he is still going to be the only boy grandson and cousin.

Here is a picture of all the gang. Notice the big belly on me. I should have stood in the back! :)
Here is a picture of George today after they left cleaning up. He was doing a dance with the mop. Not that he was dancing because everyone was gone by any means, but because the cowboys won today and we had our new music station on TV. Notice my feet propped up in the chair. Everyone helped me a lot and I have to say that this weekend I definitely felt 28 weeks pregnant. Everything is getting harder to do and I cannot stand up for longer than 30 minutes at a time without my feet and back hurting. Haley is around 16 inches long now and almost 3 pounds. I go back to the doctor next Monday. I only have to work Mon. and Tues. this week and then I'm out for Thanksgiving. This will be a much needed vacation for me to rest and relax. I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving and takes the time to be thankful for what they have in life and for family.