Wednesday, January 21, 2009

36.5 week doctor update

I went to the doctor today and no real news to tell. I'm 80% effaced, but not dilated and she said everything was on schedule as it should be. Heartbeat was good and Haley is moving around and growing everyday. George got to go with me today and meet our new doctor. My next appointment is next Wednesday and my mom is going with me to that one. My doctor did say that if I haven't gone into labor by week 39, which is in 2 1/2 weeks then she will induce.

We took a tour of the hospital,which is so awesome I am almost excited about being in the hospital for a couple of nights. It looks like a hotel, George has his own bed, and the showers have massage jets. The women's unit opened in April, so everything is brand new and super high tech. There is a Neonatal III in the facility, so we know Haley won't need it, but its comforting that she will be right down the hall if something did happen. In the delivery room there is a waiting area with its own flat screen TV and a curtain for family. Although I did remind George that there are plenty of other waiting areas OUTSIDE the delivery room for family...haha.. There is a Starbucks in the hospital and two cafeteria areas with really good food. Of course being a Dietitian I had to ask all about the food, and I'll be the judge when I get there.