Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 lb 1 oz

I went to see an awesome Doctor in Fort Worth today. If you ever need a high risk baby doctor Dr. Reyes at Baylor All Saints is your girl. She was very thorough and listened to everything. The purpose of my visit was to get a quick neurologist referral to a good doctor and to check Haley out real good. They did a long sonogram and measured bones and checked her out real good. They confirmed again that "It's a girl" which is good. Since she was measuring good and at a good weight the doctor wasn't concerned with my little weight gain. My blood pressure was better at 126/76. She assured me that whatever was wrong with me and my muscles would not effect delivery and that I can still have a normal birth and have it here with Dr. Ford. She didn't feel that I needed to continue seeing her for any reason at this time unless the Neurologist says so.

I'm waiting on them to call me about setting up the Neurologists appointment. It is really difficult to get into see one, but the one they are sending me too likes to see pregnant woman and knows about it. They said lots of Neurologists won't do anything until after delivery because they are unsure, but apparently this dude is well read and doesn't mind seeing pregnant woman.

So that's the update. Thanks for all the calls, texts, and emails. Now I am going to relax, make some brownies and root for Florida to beat OU tonight. They shouldn't be playing in this game anyways, UT is #1.